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Scan It Before You Shred It

Whether you are keeping track of information for your Cincinnati business or for you and your family, you need to know how to properly destroy anything confidential so it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Shredding your paperwork is an essential safeguard when running a business, and is a good habit to get into in your personal life to ensure the privacy of your sensitive information. Some documents have a rather long life span and need to be kept for several years, others can be tossed right away. But instead of tossing your confidential information directly into an insecure dumpster, consider shredding your documents to undecipherable pieces first. While shredding your documents will ensure they are safe from the hands of thieves, the decision to finally destroy a document with important information may not be easy. This is where scanning comes into play.

scan it before you shred it

People often struggle with the decision to destroy documents that contain sensitive information. After all, it is an important document, and who knows if or when you will need to reference it again. If you struggle with this and find yourself piling up stacks of files and records that take up too much desk space, try scanning your documents before shredding them.

Scanning will provide the perfect compromise. Electronic records can easily be stored securely if done correctly. And with all of your paperwork stored safely on your computer where only you can access it, you are safe to shred your documents into tiny bits and throw them away for good. Electronic access is extremely easy, and with today’s technology, you can even access documents remotely via the cloud.

For certain types of documents, you may consider keeping original hard copies, but if you pair that practice with a scanning procedure for some of your documents, you can save a ton of space and tidy up your desk. No matter how you choose to organize your private documents, we can help get your project started.

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